Shannon Tepei
September 22, 2021

Great experience working with this man, an absolute professional and never too busy to go the extra mile for us. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone. THANKS Kelvin for everything you've done for my family and for all your hard work.

P. and C. McNeil
August 10, 2021

We stumbled upon Kelvin while looking for properties for fun. We didn't know if we were going to be able to pull the trigger yet, or even find what we were looking for. I'd been contacted by other realtors who seemed pushy and invasive and kept calling or emailing and it just turned us off. When we knew what we were looking for, about a month later, we decided to call Kelvin because he let us use his search platform without any hassles. We received updates, but no solicitation at all. It was refreshing, and we didn't know if we would like him, but I ended up talking to him on the initial phone call for about an hour! That gave me all I needed to continue. He is personable, caring, genuine, and in NO way pushy or manipulative. He saw how we reacted to the homes we didn't like, and took notes of it all. Very observant and detail oriented. When we found the property we loved, he even managed to write a lot of the things we loved about the home into the deal!! I mean c'mon!! We were amazed by his willingness to go after what we wanted quickly and how transparent he was with us during the process. It felt very easy and comforting knowing we were able to have that relationship with our realtor, especially when we've heard horror stories from others. We feel blessed to have met Kelvin and we are so thankful for the man he is, because in this business that's everything! You gotta trust the person finding you a home is going to care about your needs. He definitely does! We got a place that had more than we thought we could get with our budget. Thank you Kelvin!! God bless you and your beautiful family as it continues to grow. Love Paul, Christiane, Caleb and baby (on the way).

R. and M. Landaverde
July 15, 2021

Best realtor in Chilliwack. Great to work with. Hard worker. Truly awesome realtor. We truly feel bless. Kelvin thank you. You are part of our family. Onces again thank you.

Joshua Dolloway
July 4, 2021

Kelvin is a great realtor, who is easy to get along with and doesn't try to force a sale. He wants you to find the right house for you. He showed us many, many houses before we found ours and never seem annoyed with our choosing to pass on a house.

Philip Simenson
December 28, 2020

Greetings, To all persons who have the opportunity to work with Kelvin, may I write this on his regard. Our purchase this year has made us extremely delighted. We both feel that the aquiring of our new residence, embraces more than just a piece of real estate but the full experience of achievement. Kelvin embraced our needs to find a sturdy dwelling that would endure and embrace our personalities, a home with character without flambouance. Weird to say, "we are one with our Home" Thank-you, Merci, Gracias, Kiitos, Abrigato, Manatak, etc. etc. Kindest Regards, Philip and Brigit of Chiilwack, BC

W. and S. Marusiak
July 8, 2020

Kelvin was our realtor this past month and helped us buy our house. Loved working with him! Very professional, punctual, friendly and just generally easy to work with.